Varanasi Walking Tour

One of the most interesting things said by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche a man who had a lot of interesting things to say was this: “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.”

We welcome you to take a walk down India’s ancient , colourful and crowded streets. Keep your eyes wide open and let our fabulous city surprise you at every turn.

This is the city of Life and Death. This is the city of Light. This is the city of Knowledge. This is the city of Rebels. This is the city of Holiness. This is the city of Unruliness. This is the city of Philosophy. This is the city of Chaos. This is the city of Extremities. This is a city which rearranges everything. This is the city where the piety encounters apathy. This is the city where the existence is questioned. This is ultimately the city which depicts the World itself. This is the city that fuses Right with Wrong. Welcome to the city of Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India.

new phone pictures 114Varanasi is the city to be explored through walks. It is to be experienced not seen. Walking tours are great in sufficing the appetite of the curious mind. Walks provide great understanding of the city, its ghats, its soul. A walk through Ghats will surely change your perception. We are sure on it.

Please have a look of our different walking tours of Varanasi according to your taste, walking tours can be arranged from Ghats, Galis, Classics, Bazaars, Shrines and on. We assure it again. We are the flexible ones. Let us know your taste before arrangement.

These are our walking tours in Varanasi 

Walk First Ghats and Cremation


  • witness the activity at ghat
  • death rituals at cremation ground
  • Visit to a temple cum cave for the meditation
  • experience life and death at the ghat
  • walk through busy alleys of Varanasi
  • Duration : 2 to 3 hours

Description :-

This walk include walk along with Ganges and alley all the way to cave where you will meditate and feel the energy level which is a historical place,then we proceed for the old part of city where you see the famous bazaar and then you will be given a talk about history and later on we will proceed for the big cremation ghat where you will witness death rituals and ceremony.

at the same time you will have the experience the life of sadhus by visiting one ashram near

Tour starting time for this walk is 3 pm in  winter and 4:30 pm in summer


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Walk 2nd Hindu monastery and Temple :-



  • Visit to the oldest Hindu monastery
  • a place where great epic of Hinduism was written
  • Visiting traimbkeshwar temple ( beautiful architecture )
  • one of the auspicious pond in the city
  • Visiting aghori ashram and temple
  • interaction with Hindu brahmin priest
  • walking through the ashram of Hindu monks
  • Duration : 2 to 3 hours


We will take you to the famous Hindu monastery  of the southern part of the city where you will see how the Hindu rituals take places and people performing Hindu will be given a talk about the importance of this monastery and you will interact with the locals peoples.

In this walk you will also see one of the Aghora’s ashram where people gather and bath and its is known for the miracles.

Walking time for this tour  is flexible.

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Walk 3rd Gurukul and Ashram 



  • Visit to the Gurukul ( center of learning Vedas and being priest)
  • Interaction and talks with young brhamin priest
  • experience the ancient tradition of Varanasi
  • visiting a sole temple for creation of the god
  • learning about the lives and culture of the city
  • Duration : 2 to 3 hours

This is the tradition of Varanasi that disciple comes to Gurukul in Kashi for studying Sanskrit and then they become priest or achrya or Sprtual  guru but this is the place where learn about the hindu religion , veda, Ramayana , Geeta and many more. so we will take you to the some the ashram of Varanasi where you can see the life of the young priest and their activates such as evening sandhya and mourning  which can be still seen and they come all the way from the different states of India.

This walks include also some historical and old temple on the way to Gurukul.

Evening timing is recommended for this walk.


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Walk 4th Cross Cultural Walk

women performing rituals


  • see the cultural diversity of the city
  • how Varanasi is a mini world
  • Knowing about the different tradition and their followers
  • Walking though Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Maratha  and Muslim settlement
  • Duration : 2 to 3 hours

There are so many tradition and culture is alive in this holy city this is the reason that its is also called city of confluence. Our cross cultural Journey will take you to the different settelment of varnasi where you will see   how people are living together in spite of diversity  of the cultural background.

This is an unique experince about the varanasi where you will see bengali, marathi, tamil , telgu, Gujrati , muslim all living together.

Time spend for this walk is 3 hours

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