Naimisharanya Tour Package 
Naimisharanya is a city that is located at the distance of 90 Km from Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar pradesh. This city is situated on bank of Gomati river a tributary of Ganga River .This is city is also known as Neemsar or Naimisha which means abode of Lord Vishnu.
The place where the Chakra fell to be known as Chakra Tirtha a holy place for bathing in the shape of Chakra and area around this place is Naimisharanya.
Another mythology is that once Lord Vishnu had killed the demons at this place with no nimish of time and therefore its is called Naimisharanya .
This city has a full circle of 16 Km, where people take a pilgrimage circle can be covered.It is believe that this place existed in Satyuga and is the first ever pilgrimage site on the earth.
According to Hindu mythology this is eights Aranya and Asthma Vaikunta .33 Million deities , three and half million of shrine, 88 thousands sages and saint always reside here .this city of Naimisharanya has eternal meaning and its can not be explained.According to Bhagavad Purana there is no any other holy place on the earth compares to this one .
Another significance about this city is Lord Vishnu Killed a devil whose name was Durjaya with Sudarshan Chakra and another devil named Gayasura with chakra his body got cut in too three pieces and fell in three different place like Paada Gaya (In Bihar ), Nabhi Gaya in Naimisharanya and Kapil Gaya in Badari Kshetra so this is also called Nabhi Gaya Kshetra .
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